2 Months Since the Twins Came Home

Wow, it’s been a crazy 2 months! It seems we’ve hardly had a moment to breathe this spring. But I guess that’s what you’d expect having twins. After a month of trying to nurse the babies and backtracking farther and farther, we decided to give up. Thankfully, we have a freezer full of pumped milk and a free supply of formula from our doctor. Without that, we’d be up a creek!

Meg and Gwen on backs

Lovey dovey

The twins are now 8 weeks corrected age, and 4 1/2 months actual age. At last weight, Meg was almost 9 lbs, and Gwen was 9 1/2. They are growing like crazy, so we expect to hit the 10 lb mark very soon.

Meg bobblehead

Gwen bobblehead

They are getting strong — strong necks and strong lungs! Imagine a fussy baby times two and you have a recipe for pulling out of the hair. But we try to enjoy the good times, and take a little time with the other little darlings!

Caiti and Liam headlock

Liam and Caiti sprinkler


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