Up Till Now in a Nutshell

May 17, 2007

So everyone else has a blog, and with all the stuff going on in our life, we thought this was the best way to keep everyone up to date. For those who haven’t heard all our updates, this is how we got where we are. I guess we’ll start with our wedding.

After dating for 4 1/2 years, we got married in Midland on May 27, 2000 and set up our home at Redeemer College where I was going to school.

Kevin and Erin

Just before graduation, Kevin and I moved to St. Catharines where he opened up a sales office and I completed my education placement. Shortly thereafter we learned we were expecting our first child, William Josiah. Liam was born December 6, 2001 and is now five.

Liam baby

Liam biking

After Liam was born we picked up and moved to Midland to be closer to family. We stayed in that house for 4 years, where our daughter Caithlin Fiona was born on June 29, 2004. Liam started school there, and Caiti and Mommy had some one on one time at home.

Caiti baby

Caiti funny face

In May of 2006 we moved to Barrie to follow Kevin’s renovation business to greener pastures. We bought a four bedroom home, and it soon became apparent we would need it. In October, we discovered that our third child was in fact our fourth as well, and on January 17, 2007, we welcomed Margaret Eloise and Guinevere Evelin. Meg and Gwen were born almost three months early and weighed 2lbs 5oz each. After 10 weeks in the hospital and 7 weeks at home, they are tipping the scales at over 8 and 9 lbs each. We are thankful that they are doing as well as any other 6 week old.

Meg and Gwen in Isolette

Meg and Gwen in Pink

Kevin’s business is doing well and keeping him busy in all seasons. He is rapidly expanding his repertoire of skills, and enjoying some repeat customers as well. It seems he has finally found his niche. In more sorrowful news, Kevin’s mother passed away in 2005 after a brief battle with spinal cancer. Life will not be the same without her, but we know that she is happy with Jesus.

I have been dabbling in writing in between looking after the children, having written a novel and ten short stories in the year before the move to Barrie. One story, “Where the Sea Meets Skye” has been published in Blue Moon Magic, from Highland Press, which is an exciting beginning to a new future. Now that the twins’ feedings are steadying out and I’m getting a little sleep, I’m starting to get back into the writing groove, and I have three more novels simmering on the creative stove.

We will keep updating as we get the chance.